9 Feb 21

Ever get to the end of writing a blog and think phew – thank god that’s written? A lot of effort can go into blogs. But you know that doesn’t need to be the end of it? With a little more effort (not much I promise!) you can get a whole heap of social media posts from your blog posts. You just need to repurpose your blog posts.

I reckon I get about 10 – 15 posts for each of Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn, a LinkedIn article, a couple of reels/stories for Instagram and 25 Pinterest pins from every blog post. I haven’t posted them all yet – they’re sitting in a content “bank” for use when I need them.

Why bother repurposing your blogs into social media content?

1. Time Efficient

It is much quicker and easier to write a social media post when you have a starting point. When you already have some content.

And your blog posts are full of content. You don’t need to post “Here’s my most recent blog post” with a link. You can use snippets of the blog post, questions based on the blog, conclusions etc to write the bones of several social media posts in minutes

repurpose your blog posts to save time

2. Repurpose Blog Posts to Build Authority

Content that shows your knowledge in your industry doesn’t have to just be on your website. Using this kind of content on social media is a great way of building your that “know, like and trust” factor. It shows you know what you are talking about and gives you an edge over your competition. And it may give your audience a thirst for more…

3. Greater Reach

Whilst some people on social media will see your blog posts, many won’t. Some won’t necessarily want to read a blog post, but they may still be interested in the content of it. Providing that content in bite sized chunks through social media still gets that information to them, just in a way that they prefer to consume.

Repurposing your blog posts into social media posts therefore gives that content greater reach.

As Neil Patel said “write less promote more”

repurpose blog posts for greater reach

4. Consistency

One of the key factors in building the know like and trust factor amongst your audience is to be consistent.

Consistent in both the amount and style of the content you create.

Posting on a regular basis is good for building trust. It doesn’t matter whether that is daily or a few times a week. Your audience can expect to hear from you at regular intervals. Having a bank of content means that you always have something you can write about, even on those days when you have no time or struggle to think of something.

Repurposing your blog also means that your message will be consistent across all your platforms. You may choose to deliver that message in slightly different ways and sometimes even in a slightly different style, but the underlying message will still be consistent. And consistent style builds trust.

5. Repurpose Blog Posts to Get Sales

Of course running a business we’re looking to sell our product or service. How can repurposing our content do that?

It sends people back to your website. Seeing those snippets of content with a link back to find out more means more people will visit your website. Blog posts don’t just generate website traffic through SEO, they can also generate website traffic from social media. And from Pinterest too (yes you can repurpose blog posts into pins and drive traffic from Pinterest – it is one of the ways we show you on our “Social Media Content that Connects” masterclass).

And once you have people on your website they are more likely to become customers. They can see what you do, who you do it for and, if they have seen your authority posts on social media, they are more likely to know, like and trust you.

repurpose blog posts for more sales


Ultimately, repurposing content from your blog posts into social media posts is an extremely efficient use of time – something which us small business owners rarely have enough of. It enables you to take one big piece of content and use it to show your authority, build the “know, like and trust” factor and drive traffic to your website to buy.

If you’d like to know more about how to repurpose blog posts into 10 – 20 social media posts, a LinkedIn article, stories, IGTV and reels for Instagram and Pinterest pins we have a “Social Media Content that Connects” Masterclass which shows you how to do this.

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