2 Jan 21

If you go back 5 years blogs were widely used on websites. They used to attract new readers and engage visitors. People used to blog about all sorts of things – both business and personal stuff (if you look back at my own blogging you’ll see a greater variety of content). A bit like social media is used now.

In this age of social media, so many people think that blogging is dead but I disagree. In fact, I am putting blogging at the heart of my marketing strategy in 2021. And I strongly recommend you do the same.


Well, since you asked…

1. It demonstrates your authority

I suggest leaving the random, non business related posts to social media and concentrate your blog posts on the subjects related to your business.

When visitors read your blog posts they can see that you know what you are talking about. That you have a lot of knowledge around your subject.

If you’re a photographer of course people are interested in the photos that you have taken. But they’re likely to be more impressed (and therefore want to work with you) if you can help them with what to wear to a photoshoot, “secret” locations nearby that make great backdrops, how to get the younger members of the family to co-operate (I suspect babies are easier than teenagers!), how to look natural and how to look like you’re two stone lighter (or maybe that is just me!) These are all great blog topics and show your knowledge of what you do.

The key is to write blog posts on the kind of topics that your audience want to know about and which are closely related to your business.

health business blogging in 2021

2. It helps get you found by a new audience

Blog posts can be found on Google/other search engines. Whereas social media posts can usually only be found on their own platforms. And people use Google/other search engines when they are looking for information (eg whether blogging is good for your business, how to get your child to eat a greater variety of foods, etc) and when they are looking to buy. They search with intent rather than just mindlessly scrolling.

Again the key is to write posts on the kind of topics your audience want to know about and are searching for. You need to think about the kind of language they use to search – the specific key words and phrases – and use these.

Our blog post Why Small Businesses should use SEO has lots more information on the benefits of SEO (and why it is not so difficult to do as you might think)

3. It can be repurposed into social media posts

Why do double the work? Blog posts can easily be repurposed into social media posts. From this post we plan to spawn about 10 instagram posts, 4 instagram reels (our first – eek!), 20 facebook posts, 5 – 10 LinkedIn posts, 25 Pinterest pins and possibly even a Clubhouse discussion (we’re new on Clubhouse so we’ll see!). We may not use all of these posts but the potential is there.

It is more than just a “here’s my latest blog post if you’d like to read it”. You can ask questions based upon the content (eg do you blog, how often do you blog, do you think blogging has a place in 2021), split the content up (7 reasons why you should blog gives 7 potential posts) and you can summarise the content/conclusion.

repurpose your blog content into social media posts

4. It gives your website fresh content (which Google likes too)

Websites date. Just like any other forms of marketing materials. As you would expect we’re fans of keeping your website fresh and up to date. That means updating what you offer (and prices) as your business evolves.

Google loves to see fresh content on a website and it rewards those who do by pushing them higher up the search rankings. Updating images and text is hugely beneficial but so is writing blog posts.

It doesn’t have to be every week (we tend to write and publish ours in waves), but if it has been a while then why not write and publish a new post?

It’s not just Google which likes new content. Website visitors do too. It shows you’re still interested in the business (ever been on a website where the last blog post was dated 2016 and you wonder if they’re still in business????). And it also gives you a good reason to promote your website

5. Content has longevity

Social media content is brilliant but very short lived. Once you have fallen down the page that content is gone. We find very few of our social media posts are viewed after about a week after posting.

But our blog posts are read months after they have been posted. We have posts that are regularly viewed over a year after they were written. We have in fact just updated one of our most popular blog posts (why you shouldn’t include prices on your website) which gives us a reason to promote it all over again.

Yes it takes longer to write than a social media post, but we think it is worth it for the longevity…

blog content has longevity

6. You own the content

What happens if Facebook decides to close your account (it does happen), Instagram changes its algorithm and doesn’t show your posts as much or LinkedIn decides to charge? All that time spent building an audience and content on someone else’s “land” is lost.

With your own website you “own” the content and, provided you continue to pay for the domain name and hosting, no-one can take that away from you.

Doesn’t it make sense to add the content you have worked so hard to create to your own website and copy parts of it onto social media????

7. It can be fun and doesn’t need to take long

We’ve revamped the way we write blog posts. To be honest we used to find it a chore and write hardly any. This post took just under an hour to write (a little more than an hour including final edits, adding images, links etc). That’s not such a chore. If you’d like to learn how we do this then sign up for our Quick and Easy blogging for Small Businesses masterclass.

Because you’re not at school now. It doesn’t need to be perfectly written and it doesn’t need to be long (although Google likes longer blog posts, a shorter post is better than no post). It just needs to be about a subject your audience is interested in and answer their question.

When you factor in the number of social media posts we plan to get out of it then you can see that it is a really efficient use of time.

benefits of business blogging


Writing blog posts directly related to your business is time well spent. We’re all busy and don’t have much time, but when you factor in the ability to reach a new audience through SEO, number of social media posts that a single blog post can generate and the way blog posts demonstrate your authority therefore increasing the likelihood that a visitor will choose to work with you we think it is a marketing strategy that is worth investing in in 2021.

Have we convinced you?

Of course we know you can waste so much time blogging which is why we have put together a masterclass to show you exactly the method we use to choose blog topics, write posts quickly and come up with killer titles. You can find more details here. We’d love you to join us!

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