What’s your niche?

What’s your niche?

My husband jokes that we will soon have Amazon and Google knocking on our door asking us to build them a website. And I respond that they can go away. Why? Because they aren’t the kind of client we want…

It seems counter-intuitive to focus on one kind of client (in our case startups and very small businesses), but in doing so we believe we can serve them better. This is an area we know and understand and feel we can really make a difference for our clients. And we feel strongly that you should focus on a niche too.


As a consumer (or indeed a business) I am not a number. I am not the same as everyone else. If you want me to join your fitness class, I want one that has people like me in it (or the people I want to look like once I have been a few times!) and an instructor that understands people like me – not aimed at your superfit, ultra skinny people in their 20s…

I am far more likely to buy from you if you “get” me, if I think you are talking directly to me…

It is also easier to compete in a niche. We are never going to be the world’s biggest website building company. We are never going to be building websites for the likes of Amazon and Google (despite my husband’s comments). Whilst we don’t usually shy away from a challenge, our marketing investment (time and money – both of which are limited) is far more likely to be successful if it is focused.

We’re not suggesting you necessarily turn customers away (although if you can’t deliver what they want you should do), but that you focus your marketing on a niche.

Won’t you lose customers if you focus on a niche? Well, when you pick a niche, most people will ignore you, but the people in your niche will pay attention. Their ears will wiggle, their eyes will get bigger, and they’ll turn towards you as the authority on the subject. You’ll have their full, captivated attention. And ultimately, they will be far more likely to become customers…

So, what’s your niche???

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