Already have a domain and hosting? Install wordpress and get your new demo website

If you already have your website domain and hosting purchased the process is a little different. 

First of all you need to make sure your domain knows where your website is being hosted.  If you bought them from the same place at the same time they should already be linked.  Otherwise there are a couple of ways of doing it.  The easiest way is to change the DNS (that’s domain name settings) to the ones your host has told you.  You may need to search within wherever you purchased your domain from as to how to do this – sadly they all have slightly different interfaces. 

The images below show where to find the required DNS in Siteground’s hosting and how to change the DNS in Google if you have bought your domain name through them. 

Then you need to go into your hosting and install wordpress.  Most of the main hosting providers have an “install wordpress” button.  Before you do this please make sure that you have an “SSL certificate” – which you should be able to do through your host (again you may need to search for instructions how to do this or contact their helpdesk).  Some do charge extra for this but it is really important (you just need the most basic version).  When you install wordpress you may be given the option of installing on http or https – always choose the https version.  You may also be given the option to install with or without the www – this is just a matter of personal preference. 

Once you have done this you need to send us wordpress login details (these can either be yours or you can set us up with a separate Administrator login if you prefer).  We need to know the login address (probably, username and password.  Please email these to us at

Please allow 2 working days for us to install the new website.  We try to do them quicker than that but it is a manual process.  If you haven’t heard from us by then please drop us an email to chase.