The business benefits of skiing…

I’m back!  No broken bones (phew!).  We had such a fab week skiing and even learnt a few things to apply to our business…

  1.  It is good to take a break.  We have been pretty bogged down (in a good way) creating fabulous websites for clients that we have let our own business efforts slide.  But a week away and we have been reading business books (nerdy I know!), internet surfing, listening to podcasts and thinking, planning.  We have come back enthused with ideas for the business – so watch out!!
  2. Knowing your customers is more important than perfect technical knowledge.  We skied in a group with a teacher/guide for the first time in years.  Our teacher, Gary, was amazing – the best we have ever had.  He probably wasn’t the best teacher technically, but he had such an amazing rapport with the group.  He understood how to get the best out of everyone with the right amount of humour.  We had such a great week and can’t wait to go back for another skiing holiday – the sign of success.  Be more like Gary…
  3. Just go for it.  Not in a reckless way, but when everything seems a bit daunting (at the top of a challenging slope), just take a deep breath, make the first step and you will be amazed at what you can do.
  4. Enjoy the view and celebrate the successes.  Life goes by quickly.  There are times when it is a hard slog, but other times look around and appreciate what you have – that’s what you work for!

I also learnt that I am now, officially, the worst skier in the family (thanks Gary – not sure I like you anymore!)

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