7 Social Media Content Ideas for Summer

It’s the summer holidays and you probably don’t have much time (or the inclination) to spend creating social media content. I know I don’t!

It’s also the time of year when people spend less time on social media so views/reach and engagement tend to be down.

And therefore you might wonder whether it is worth spending the time creating social media content. You could just give in and take the summer off, picking it back up in September?

But it is helpful to remain “visible” so you stay in the mind of those who might be looking for what you do. This is definitely the time for “easy” social media content ideas.

And that’s what this blog post is all about. Easy social media content ideas for the summer. Ones that are quick and easy to create, but help grow your business too.

1. Video document your day

Ok, I know I said these were easy social media content ideas and you’re going to tell me that anything involving video is not easy, but hear me out…

Videos do take longer to create, but social media platforms like Instagram promote them more than other forms of content and this one is easy to do!

Take between five and ten, 2 to 5 second clips of what you’re doing throughout the day (just on your phone). Add some text boxes to say what you’re doing, some music and bingo you have your piece of content.

It’s better to do this on a day you’re working, even if you work less. It doesn’t have to be all work though. In fact it is better to include a couple of clips not working, eg walking your dog, enjoying a mid afternoon cool off in the paddling pool or a glass of wine at the end of the day.

social media content ideas - record your day

One of the great things about this kind of video is you don’t have to show your face, but people feel like they’re getting to know you.

I use Canva to create this kind of content (InShot is another popular option). You can take the videos on your phone, upload to Canva, clip them if they’re a bit long (or you can see your arm hitting the record/stop record button) and add text to each frame easily.

2. Answer a question you often get asked

We all have certain questions we get asked over and over again.

A quick and easy post is to answer one of these questions, explaining why. There are lots of different ways you can do this. You could

  • Write a text post answering the question with an explanation (if you’re on Instagram you could pair this with a relevant image or quote)
  • Create a carousel with slides asking the question and the reasons on different slides
  • Speak on video (I do this a lot on Instagram, eg “3 Quick SEO tips”)
  • Take some generic video as background, add some music and text boxes

This is a very quick social media content idea for summer. And if you want more content this is definitely one you can repeat with different questions.

3. Ask a summer question

Topical posts always go down well and are particularly good for creating engagement. Also we want to do business with people (people we like) and these kind of questions show your human side.

You can relate these to your business or you can just ask the kind of questions you might ask anyone in your target market.

Eg on a hot day you can ask:

  • what’s your favourite flavour ice cream,
  • whether anyone else is working right now (or have they spent the afternoon in a paddling pool),
  • is it too hot for a cup of tea,
  • should chocolate be kept in the fridge,
  • favourite beach for a sunny afternoon, etc

On a miserable English summer day you could ask:

  • where you’d rather be right now,
  • favourite holiday destination as a child,
  • who had barbeque plans/bought a sunlounger/did something else related to a sunny day (jinxing the weather),
  • whether it is socially acceptable to put your wellies on and jump in puddles when you’re over the age of 25 (*asking for a “friend” of course), etc

These kind of questions are some of the quickest posts to create so perfect for summer.

social media content ideas - topical questions

4. Share a story that you can relate to your business

We all love stories. Stories connect us and they make it easier to get a point across.

Think about a point you often make (or think about) in your business and then a story you can share which makes that point.

I’ve shared stories about the importance of navigation on a website. On its own it is a pretty dry topic. But when I talk about the time we picked up a car in Oslo, attempted to get out of the multi storey car park (driving on the “wrong” side of the road of course), got confused by the signs and started heading to Stockholm (the opposite direction to where we wanted to go) people reading can relate to the importance of good navigation. Because we’ve all been in a similar situation.

We all have stories about the time we attempted to do something ourselves rather than use a professional. Hello, lockdown haircuts? These show that whilst you often can do something yourself, the time it takes, stress and result mean that you understand why it’s better to use a professional if you can. Many people could do what we do themselves (eg you can build your own website). These stories of the time you did something yourself can be related to why they should use a professional (ie you) for the services you provide. Yes you can build your own website, but just like the lockdown haircuts, a professionally built website will save you time, stress and give a much better result (assuming you choose the right website designer of course!)

What story can you share that you can relate to your business?

5. Share something personal

We all like to understand a bit about the person (or people) behind the business. We’re humans.

Sharing something personal is a good way of connecting with others. What and how much you share is up to you – you should never feel you’re sharing more than you’re comfortable with.

  • It might be a picture of a pet. My dog, Barney, is always popular on Instagram, especially if he has been up to something cute or naughty (he’s naughty quite a lot!). I also regularly share images (on stories) of deer in Knole park where I walk Barney. If you follow Mrs Hinch her “floofball” alpacas are adorable and fun to see.
  • It might be somewhere you have visited, or a day out.
  • It could be an achievement, like a 10K run, PB, or rock climbing.
  • It could be a TV series or film you’ve enjoyed.

With each of these you can write a short caption and ask a question. Eg I’ve just watched Top Gun (how does Tom Cruise still look so good?) Have you seen it yet? What did you think? Or I’ve just finished my 1st park run – do you Park Run (and if so, where)?

The key is to make sure you don’t make all your posts personal – mix in some business too.

social media content ideas - share something personal

6. Share a success story

It is so important to show that people who work with you are successful in achieving what they needed (or are on their way to it). You don’t have to name them (although it is better if you can and/or share an image).

This is you telling their story, perhaps with testimonials and/or screenshots of messages. You could explain how proud you are of a client for following the strategy you developed together which now means their 6 month old is sleeping through to 7am if you’re a baby sleep consultant.

You could share before and after images if you’re a home organiser.

I often share images of websites I have built (sometimes showing the before too).

These work because they show what you can do. And people who are looking for those kind of results can see what you deliver…

This is another social media content idea you can repeat too.

7. Tell everyone how they can work with you

You run a business. Whilst social media isn’t the best for direct selling (your website, email or direct messaging is better), it is good to remind those who follow you that this is a business and they can pay to work with you.

And sometimes it will prompt someone to take action and to get in contact. Sometimes people will see it who are looking for exactly that service and didn’t realise you offered it. Or maybe they know someone else who is wanting what you offer.

This kind of content gets less engagement than others, but is key content to publish. Of course you need to include it in a mix of social media content – otherwise it won’t get seen/people will ignore you because they think all you do is sell.

You can either list all the ways someone can work with you or talk about one.

social media content ideas - how they can work with you


I’ve listed seven social media content ideas for you to try this summer. All of these can be done more than once (some several times) which means you could just use these ideas and that’s your summer social media content sorted!

  • Video document your day
  • Answer a question you often get asked
  • Ask a summer question
  • Share a story related to your business
  • Share something personal
  • Share a success story
  • Tell everyone how they can work with you

I do recommend batch creating some of these so you have some in your back pocket (or your scheduler!) for the times when you “need” to post something to stay visible but there’s too much else going on to think about it.