Small Business Services

We understand small businesses.  You don’t have a large budget to compete with the big boys.  But you do have something they don’t – you!

It is easy to be seduced by design agencies, promising to build you a bespoke website with beautiful graphics.  We have been there!  Businesses fold because they run out of money (there are occasionally other reasons like retirement or family issues but running out of funds is the main reason businesses collapse).  So, use your funds wisely.  Come and talk to us.  We have lots of free/low-cost tips in our little black book, we can build you a wonderful website for a fraction of the cost of the big design agencies (don’t worry – it won’t look the same as the others and it won’t be “bloated” with too much redundant code), we can act as a sounding board and we also know where the good places are for coffee in Sevenoaks…

If you aren’t local to Sevenoaks you may need to make your own coffee and we can speak by phone/skype.

What are you waiting for?