SEO Power Hour

let’s get you found through search

Do you have a website but aren’t being found on Google?

Just having a website won’t get you found on Google.  You need “SEO” for that.  The whole world of “SEO” (that stands for search engine optimisation – aka how to get found on Google) can be very confusing.  It doesn’t help that most of those in that world seem to talk a different language/charge a small fortune to help you.

Let us cut through the crap…

We offer SEO “power hours”.  That’s a one hour zoom call with us to go through YOUR website and look at the basic things you can and should be doing to get more people to find you on Google (other search engines are available).  We’ll explain everything and answer all your questions.  We promise to talk the kind of language you understand.

Specifically we’ll look at:


your keywords (that’s the words people use when searching for your kind of business)


your content


your “authority”



What does it cost?

A power hour costs £120

Once you have booked you’ll be able to choose a time in my diary for your power hour.