SEO Made Simple - A Course for Small Business Owners to get found on Google

Registration for this course is now closed.  Please follow us for information as to when this reopens (in 2024)

You know SEO is important to get your business found when someone searches on Google.  But it’s all very confusing.  You’ve no idea where to start, what is worth doing and what is a waste of time.  Because let’s face it, when you have a business to run, you don’t have all the time in the world.

Our SEO Made Simple course is designed to give you the skills you need, as a small business owner, to do your own SEO.

So you can begin to get found on Google and focus on the bit you really love, working with clients…

SEO doesn’t need to be complicated

What you will get:


An understanding of SEO and what is important to get found on Google (and other search engines)


An SEO plan for your own business and the knowledge to implement it yourself (of course you can outsource the implementation if you prefer)


Assistance in implementing your plan


The support of Marie and a small group of small business owners like you

The Course

Step One – Keyword Research

This is understanding what your Ideal Clients are typing into Google to find businesses like yours.

We’re aiming for a list of words/phrases that you have a chance to rank for and which have search volume.

I’ll show how to come up keywords, how to check the competitiveness and how to see the search volume

Module Two – Writing Relevant Content

You will only rank highly on Google if you’re writing content that it thinks is relevant for the keywords you’re trying to rank for.

In this module we’ll talk about how to write content that Google considers relevant.  And how to demonstrate to Google what the page is about.


Module Three – Backlinks

Google uses backlinks as a sign of trust/authority.  Getting backlinks from as many good websites as you can is key to ranking more highly, especially for more competitive keywords.

In this module we’ll talk about backlinks, including the kind of backlinks you want and how to get them.

Module Four – What Else?

In this module we’re going to make sure Google can find our website pages and that we have everything set up correctly.

No technical knowledge is required!

Module Five – Local Search

 In this module we’re going to get into Google My Business and make sure you’re all set up to get found locally on the map

Module Six – Wrap Up

In this module we’ll be putting together your SEO plan, covering how to track your SEO and refining your plan

These will be delivered weekly so you can consume at your own pace

There will also be 6 weekly coaching/Q&A call where we’ll go over the key points, and relate it to your business.  These will be online

And there will be co-working sessions each week so you can implement what you learn

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