SEO Made Simple

My 6-step system for making sales from Google

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Welcome to SEO Made Simple:

The course that shows you how to get all the things you need:


New clients, more time, less stress.

So you’re always fully booked and able to do more of the work you love…

With less reliance on social media and content creation.

Over 6 modules you’ll discover how to always be in the right place at the right time.

SEO Made Simple will show you how to appear on Google (and other search engines) when the right people are actively seeking your support, products and services.

Get that right and your clients will come to you.

Meaning you won’t need to be constantly chasing them.

Sounds kind of obvious, when I put it like that?

Well it is.

“Wonderful SEO course.  Marie is an amazing teacher with tons of knowledge and first hand experience.  She has a knack for making what is complicated and out of reach, simple and understandable.

A highly recommended course whether you’re just launching your website or looking to improve your current one to get more clients.”

Ella Fullard, Nava Yoga Therapy

And that’s why I made SEO Made Simple

Because after many years of building and marketing websites, I know there’s more than one way to attract clients.


Yes, I use social media.


Yes, it’s part of my marketing mix.


I’m just not reliant on it or beholden to it.
(*And if I’m honest, half the time I’m just too busy).

I’d like that for you, too.
Because it IS possible.

While the shouty ‘hustle’ culture influencer marketing experts will tell you the only way to make your business work is to be non-stop creating content, performing for Reels and Tiktoks in a way that feels totally unnatural (and frankly terrifying)…

The stats tell a different story.

Social media is 100% NOT the only way to build or grow your business (which, if you’re like me, is a massive relief).

Instagram may have 2bn active users, but reach, engagement and conversion are all declining and even TikTok is showing signs of saturation.

The golden age of social media is over.

By contrast, search continues to grow year-on-year and it still drives the majority of visitors to websites…

But 90% of all websites get NO visits from Google search.

Meaning a small percent are scooping up all that free traffic.

The reason is very simple.


Those websites aren’t set up for search


They don’t have the SEO basics in place.

Which is kind of crazy, because none of this is rocket science.

SEO is quick and easy to implement and maintain.

But the truth is, 90% of businesses don’t bother.

Which presents a HUGH opportunity for you
And is EXACTLY why I created SEO Made Simple.

Before I show you how it works…
Let’s get clear on who it’s for and what it will do for you.

SEO Made Simple is for small business owners, consultants, trainers, therapists, yoga teachers, florists, butchers, bakers, candlestickmakers…

Everyday, normal businesses who just need a steady flow of new clients.

And who, like you, would rather not have to spend their time managing social media, making videos, battling algorithms and feeling like they should be ‘hustling’.

If that’s you… how about we get you this instead:
Google driving traffic to their website >
So you can focus on what you ARE good at?

Sound good?
Then SEO is for you.
So let’s go:

‘SEO Made Simple’ ups your Google game in 6-simple steps.

Inside I’ll teach you how to:


Quickly understand how SEO and Google works


Build a simple SEO action plan for your own business


Help you implement it

We’ll do this together and tailor it to your business.

We’ll identify the ‘searches’ it makes sense for you to target and figure out exactly how to optimise your website to appear next to them. 

This is focused, strategic, personalised marketing… made simple.

I’ll show you ONLY what you need to know and do. 


Zero fluff, wasted time or energy.


Results-driven marketing.

We’ll break it down like this:

Step One – Keyword Strategy

Unlock my tried-and-tested keyword analysis strategy to find what your ideal clients are searching for and the exact words, phrases and search volumes to target (it may not be what you think).

Step Two – Optimised Website Copy

Discover exactly what content Google wants to see to match you to your Keyword Strategy and how to create this quickly and easily.

Step Three – Local Search

Access Google Business Profile and all ‘local search’ settings to further tighten and boost your website ranking.  I’ll show you exactly what you need to focus on to get to the top position on the Google map

Step Four – Backlinks

Establish an easily-implementable but highly-effective backlink strategy to ramp your trust and authority with Google. 

Step Five – Indexed & Optimised

Audit that your website is correctly set-up to be indexed and read correctly by Google. Note: you don’t require any tech skills for this – I’ve got it all covered.

Module Six – Wrap Up

Build a simple, streamlined SEO marketing plan that will continue to scale your exposure on Google, lead flow and sales from search with minimal monthly maintenance.

And that’s it.
SEO Made Simple


SEO makes sense

Simple gets done

You’re busy enough as it is

This programme isn’t here to weigh you down with more work or information…
It’s here to lighten your load.

Each step is delivered weekly and you consume it at your own pace.
In addition, I’ll be LIVE COACHING you every week – answering your questions, holding you accountable and explaining anything that doesn’t make sense.

PLUS there will be CO-WORKING SESSIONS each week where we can implement each step together, with me along-side you, every step of the way.

“I took part in Marie’s inaugral SEO Made Simple course after seeing her explain SEO in such a relatable way at a networking event.  It was a very well-paced course and what can be a daunting subject was clearly explained with manageable action steps outlined along the way.  If you’re at all overwhelmed by the thought of doing your own SEO, this is the course to persuade you otherwise

Catherine Stratford, Backlot Photography

This programme makes so much sense it doesn’t need me to sell it to you.*

*Plus that’s not my style

But I wanted to give you something special to make this an easy decision for you:


I genuinely have kept ‘SEO Made Simply’ very, very simple.

But I also know that for many of you this will be completely new territory or pushing you out of your comfort zone. So for a limited period only, I’ll be opening up a private support group where you can share your progress, ask questions and seek support.

I’ve cleared my diary to be active there every day.


OK, this one is strictly limited and probably never to be repeated … but I’m going to personally give feedback on your SEO Marketing Plans.

So once we’ve mapped out your SEO strategy in Step #6 (and pulls together all the progress made in steps 1-5), I will check it over and make suggestions based on my industry experience

I’ll keep this brief:
SEO is back.

(*The truth is, it never went away: People just stopped talking about it and started obsessing about social.)

If you want more clients to make 2024 your best year yet in business

If you think you deserve better results than you’re getting with social;

If you want the peace of mind that the right clients will find you

Then let’s get SEO back in the mix for you.
With a simple search strategy you can measure by results.

SEO might not be sexy… but it is very, very sensible.
… and for me that makes good business sense.

Join me inside ‘SEO Made Simple’ today.
For more clients and certainty, in less time with less stress.

“Really helpful SEO course run by Marie – it really helped me create the right content for my website, and it was very easy to understand. Marie is great at communicating and is incredibly helpful and knowledgeable. Would highly recommend.

Sally Anne Rees, Planting Designer

“The ‘SEO Made Simple’ Course is an absolute must for small businesses that are looking to expand. Marie’s course is well designed, clearly explained with loads of support.

Aniya Goold, Galactic Soul Network

“I did Marie’s SEO Made Simple course in October/November 2023 and I found it really useful.  The content was delivered in do-able chunks and the follow up Q&A sessions for each module meant course participants had an opportunity to ask questions and share information.  I anticipate going back to what I learned on the course at least every 6 months!

Amanda Price, The Age Well Coach


When does it start?

The current version of the course started on Fri 2 Feb.  We’re not certain when the course will next be run live.  Current thinking is Sept 2024

When will the live sessions be?

The coaching calls will be weekly (day tbd) at 11am

The co-working sessions will be on a Friday (also at 11am)

Will the sessions be recorded?

All the modules teaching you what you need to know are pre-recorded so you can work through these in your own time

The coaching calls will also be recorded so you can watch them on replay if you can’t make them live

The co-working sessions won’t be recorded as there is nothing new in these

How long will I have access for?

You will have access to all the videos etc for a year

Does my website need to be on wordpress?

No.  As long as you have access to be able to make edits to your website (text and images) it doesn’t matter which platform your website is built on

I don't want to send people to my website because I'm embarrassed by it. Will SEO still work for me?

The whole point of SEO is to send more people (the right people) to your website.  If you don’t want to send people to your website then you need to consider redoing your website (we can help with that!)

Will you be running the course again this year?

Probably yes.  I am anticipating running it again in Sept/Oct 2024 (although the price is likely to increase)

I have another question not answered here

Please send me an email at sayhello@beyondthekitchentable.co.uk and I’ll be happy to answer any more questions

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