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Yoga by Lucy
Bespoke website redesign project

Lucy Holland is a yoga teacher based in the village of Shoreham, just outside Sevenoaks.  She offers 1:1 and small group sessions in her own yoga studio as well as larger group classes in local village halls and events (like sunset yoga) throughout the year.  She also offers sessions for corporates.

Lucy’s website was originally built by a friend’s son.  It “did the job” when she was initially setting up as a yoga instructor, but didn’t really represent her or her business as well as she wanted.

It was quite text heavy and the pages didn’t naturally “flow”.

Lucy and I had met at a local networking group some time ago and had remained in touch.  When she decided to “take the leap” and get a new website, she got in touch.  As Lucy says “I felt you had a good connection with small business owners, that our views and ideals would be aligned and that I would not be intimidated by the technical aspects of a new website design.

Although initally thinking a new website would be an overwhelming undertaking, we worked together to set out what was needed. 

The new website is not just more professional looking, but better represents what she offers.  Each service now has its own page, with details and pricing.  It is really clear what Lucy offers and how it works.

Testimonials are used throughout the site to show the impact that Lucy’s yoga has on clients.

We think the resulting website better represents the business Lucy has, not just now, but wants to develop going forward.  Lucy is pleased with the final website which means she’s promoting it more too.

If you’d like to take a look you can find it at www.yogabylucy.co.uk

“As a small business owner, I realised the importance of a great website but had been making do with a “functional” one and was overwhelmed by the idea of starting again from scratch.

Marie was unfazed by my doubts, confused ideas and lack of tech skills and with her expertise, guidance and much patience, turned them into a website I’m proud of.

It represents my ideals, clearly illustrates my services and I hope will attract the attention of anyone who could benefit from my yoga teaching.”

Lucy Holland

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