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Vicki Weinberg

It started as a podcast interview and ended as a new client.  Ok, not exactly, but almost…

Vicki had three websites:

  • One for her product business, Tiny Chipmunk
  • One helping others to build a successful product based business and
  • A third which was a blog

Vicki had been considering consolidating these into two websites (incorporating the blog into the consultancy business website where it naturally fit).  She had been thinking whether to do this herself (as she had built all three of her websites so was perfectly capable of doing so) or whether to outsource.  Interviewing me on her podcast seems to have convinced her to ask me to do it!

The tech is often the easy bit (although moving from Wix to WordPress did make this more challenging as did copying/redirecting the existing blog).  The more difficult (and important) bit is the messaging and working out how to guide visitors to the right service that Vicki offers.  Building a new website is a great opportunity to think about what you want to offer going forward.  We chatted it through and concluded that it made sense to send visitors to one of three options: Vicki’s free resources (including the podcast); product creation; or selling on Amazon.  From there visitors could find the information they needed to choose the right service for them, or be redirected back to another service.

Then it was a case of making sure that these pathways were simple and clear.  We used Vicki’s branding colours to highlight the route, combined with images which reflected her target audience.

Vicki’s podcast “Bring your product ideas to life” is integrated into the website so every time a new episode is released it is automatically shown.

Vicki commented that the end result looks much more professional and she really thinks it explains what she does and how to work with her much more clearly – which should lead to more work!

“I loved working with Marie. She’s so calm and patient, really understood what I wanted to achieve and is extremely knowledgable about WordPress, website design and usability. I really felt like my website was in safe hands and can’t wait to share my new, extremely professional and usable site!”
Vicki Weinberg

You can find Vicki’s new website at

You can also listen to our podcast interview here

And if you would like to see how we can help you create a website that is fit for the business you want


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