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The Organised Mum

Bespoke website redesign project

We were so excited when Gemma got in touch asking us to build her a new website.

Gemma is a real superstar (ok all our clients are superstars, but Gemma has a massive army of fans, amassing over 200k Instagram followers and a highly engaged Facebook group of over 100k).  With a motto of “there’s more to life than housework” and a warm and friendly personality, it is no wonder that she is so loved.

Gemma’s business started out as a blog, the Organised Mum, and grew massively with social media and the publication of two associated books (The Organised Mum Method and The Organised Time Technique – there’s now a journal too).  The website (or blog) had been built by Gemma (assisted by her husband, Mike), with bits added to it/amended over the years.  It needed a complete rebuild, but it needed to remain functional during the build.

There was also an App, which was built on the back of the website.  Woe and behold doing something to break the App.  We’d hate to upset Gemma’s army of team TOMMers (no pressure)…

Gemma is friendly, fun and bold. And that’s the kind of website we sought to build.  We used the vibrant brand colours and fantastic branding photos she had taken with a layout that was easy to navigate.

There’s downloadable printables and links to buy associated products, including the books and app.

There’s also the hundreds of blog posts that have been written over the years – now filtered into Cleaning, Eating and Living (with Organised Christmas in the run up to Christmas).

After building the new website offline, we moved both the website hosting to our hosting platform and replaced the old website with the new, all without a hitch.

Best of all Gemma is thrilled with her new website and her army of fans love it too.  It is much easier to find what you need and much more aesthetically pleasing too!

If you’d like to take a look you can find it at

“Marie was recommended to me and I’m so glad that she was.  Fantastic service and really really lovely!  Very very happy. “

Gemma Bray, The Organised Mum

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