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Laura found us in a membership we both belonged to.  Having viewed our website she was certain that what we offered was exactly what she wanted – a much better website than her existing one without having to spend a lot of time doing it herself and without spending a fortune.  So our call was pretty brief – she wanted to know whether we could/would build what she wanted and when we could start.  Our website was clearly doing it’s job!!!

Laura is a fantastic copywriter.  Her business is writing copy for clients and reviewing copy they have written.  She built her original website herself.  But it no longer reflected where her business was now.  And she was a bit embarrassed by it.  Like all businesses, hers had evolved.  She wanted a website that reflected not just where her business was now but where it was going.

Laura’s personality is a big part of her success.  She is friendly and enthusiastic.  She had invested in some fantastic branding photography.  And we wanted to use this to the best effect.  The resulting website is, we think, a great reflection of Laura’s “brand” and should help her grow her business more.

Laura has great plans for her business and the new website will allow for the business to grow.  Online courses are next in the pipeline and these can easily be added.

Best of all Laura is thrilled with the new website.

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