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Nutrinity Health
Bespoke new website project

Nutrinity Health is the nutrional therapy business run by Tracey Walker offering nutrigenomics (tailored DNA health packages), support for eating disorders and bespoke nutritional therapy.

This was a brand new business when Tracey approached us to build a website to go with the business she was keen to build.

She had found us via recommendation (always helpful) and was sold on the idea that your website should be your hardest working employee.  Which is true!

As with many websites we build, the key was to think about potential clients and the information they may need to book that call with Tracey.  We spent time understanding Tracey’s clients.  We then took the content Tracey wrote and made it into logical pathways for potential clients – making it easy to find what they need.

That needed to be combined with a website that was visually appealing to Tracey’s target audience.  Beautiful branding photos were combined with some stock photos, white space and Calls to Action.

The result is a visually stunning website that captures interest and guides potential clients through the information they need to book a call with Tracey.

You can find Tracey’s new website at nutrinityhealth.com/

“There is absolutely no way I could have created something as professional looking myself, well worth the investment.

Even now I look at it and I’m so happy with it.  It’s beyond anything I expected to have achieved.”


Tracey Walker

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