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Newington Cakes

Bespoke website redesign project

Newington Cakes is a luxury wedding cake business run by Deborah Newington and based in Tonbridge, Kent

Deborah’s existing website didn’t quite match her cakes (which are amazing).  She wanted her new website to have an elegant, luxury feel and to “flow” better. 

We started work with a complete redesign.  With her previous website homepage the words that “popped” were her name, Newington Cakes.  We’ve changed the emphasis with “Luxury Wedding Cake Designer” now being the words you notice first, in a font that screams “luxury”.  It may be a small difference, but it is crucial to that first impression visitors have.

The text is broken up now and interspersed with beautiful images of her cakes to improve the “flow” as you go down the page.

We’ve thought about the information a couple may need before taking that “next logical step” and getting in touch with Deborah.  It’s all easy to find.

Her portfolio page has had a facelift too.  It’s the same images as before, but a white border around the images (consistent with the rest of the website) really “lifts” the images.  We’ve also ensured the spacing between images is consistent (a small but vitally important detail that makes a big difference) and interspersed images of the flowers in with the cakes.

Deborah uses Dubsado as a client management tool.  We incorporated her new client enquiry form directly into her contact page.  When completed this redirects to another website page thanking them for their enquiry.  Clever stuff which starts the client journey on the best foot.

You can find Deborah’s new website at newington-cakes.com

And if you would like to see how we can help you create a website that is fit for the business you want