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Mary Barella Photography
Bespoke new website project

Mary Barella Photography is a brand new photography business based in Durham, specialising in family, food and commercial photography.

Mary’s website came about slightly differently to most clients.  We had been talking for ages about a website for her fledgling business but it was when a potential client wanted to see examples of her work that it became a priority.

The benefit of a good website when you’re a photographer that takes images for different kinds of clients (families, food and businesses in Mary’s case) is you can easily direct clients to the “right” type of photos.  The kind they want.   Instagram has its place (especially to get attention) but the images tend to be a mix of different types. 

On the website we have a page for families, another for food and one for businesses.  That way Mary can explain what she does for each and showcase her beautiful images in the right context.  If you’re looking for a family photographer you’re less interested in the food and business photos.  And the best way to secure new bookings is to show potential clients the kind of images they want.  Show them that is what you do (and what you do well).

We went for a fairly simple design to allow the images to be the star.  But there’s some gentle animation and shadowing to give a 3D effect and plenty of white space which make the website look professional (and Mary too).  As always, the trick is to guide visitors through the website so they get the information they need to book.

One of the hardest parts of the job was selecting which images to use from the large number of amazing images Mary had!  If you look carefully at the website you’ll see some of the images Mary took of me.  I highly recommend her.  She’s a fab photographer.

You can find Mary’s new website at marybarella.co.uk

“I can’t recommend Marie highly enough.

I didn’t know where to start with setting up my website and had been stalling launching my new business as a result. Marie was professional yet down to earth and made the built look so simple.

As well as producing me a website that I love (and has received lots of positive feedback), Marie offered great business advice and left me excited and ready to put my business out there.

Thank you so much Marie!”


Mary Barella

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