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Most of our clients who come to us are setting up brand new businesses.  However, Veronika’s solution focussed hypnotherapy business had been in action for 5 years and she already had a website.  But the website no longer reflected her business and was, to be honest, very dated.  It needed a refresh.

Veronika asked us for help with amending the copy, photography and creating her new website.  

Moving her website wasn’t as straightforward as starting with a new website.  She had a lot of pages and blog posts and a 5 year history with search engines.  We replicated many of the pages (the original website was built with a “website builder” so couldn’t just be transferred), keeping the same URL (website address) for the pages and adding a redirect to the blog posts.  This meant that any search engine rankings wouldn’t be lost.

Many people have a misconception about hypnotherapy – associating it with the entertainment you see on stage.  We spent a lot of time with Veronika to understand both her business and the science of solutions focused hypnotherapy – with our copywriter even undertaking a session of solutions focused hypnotherapy.  This meant that we could write her web copy from an informed position.

The other challenge we had was to demonstrate the many issues that Veronika can help with.  We created a beautiful homepage grid with a brief description of the issues she can help address.  Much more powerful than just a list!

.Veronika is really pleased she has a website which reflects her business now and is bringing in new clients.  In fact her business has gone from strength to strength and we were asked to do further work as she now has her own clinic

Veronika’s business is Love to Feel Good

Fabulous work, Marie! You have lifted my business to its new heights by making my online presence work for me. Your sensitive, individual and caring approach is the best any professional can hope for. You are part of my success; integral and essential part. I am extremely grateful.


Love to Feel Good

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