Delighted to introduce you to

Kent Velo Girls

Bespoke website redesign project

Kent Velo Girls is a cycling club for women based in Hildenborough, Kent.  

When they asked us to build their new website they had a website that was dated, dull and difficult to edit themselves.

The new website is clear, easy to navigate and has the information laid out in a clear, logical fashion.  Existing members can find ride details easily.  Potential new members get a clear idea of what the club is about (and whether it is for them).

There’s a section for stories, to show the sense of adventure of the club.  There’s lots of images and some limericks too.  This is a cycling club with lots of personality!

The committee were unsure about using WordPress because the previous website was clunky and difficult to edit, but now agree it was the right decision.  In fact, they’ve been inspired to add more stories already!

You can find Kent Velo Girls new website at kentvelogirls.co.uk

“Marie came to me highly recommended by members of a local business group. Within a few days of contacting her, I had had an initial chat which was really helpful in understanding how the process would work, and had faith that Marie would a great website.

Marie is one of the most efficient people I have ever worked with! She set a timeframe for building the site and everything happened exactly on time. She was regularly in touch and gave formats to choose from. Due to quite a few people being involved in the decision making process on my side, there were quite a few edits that had to be made but Marie dealt with these with ease. The process of getting the website perfect felt very quick. I had expected it to take much longer!

The training I received once the site was up and running was also very clear and valuable. Our previous WordPress website was very difficult to edit but this one is so easy! I received a recording of the session and written instructions which I could share with my colleagues.

I can’t imagine having found anyone better than Marie to build our site, and am delighted with how clear and concise the website looks. I feel it has personality as well as information and will look great for years to come.”

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