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Kelly Mortimer

Kelly approached us to build a new website for her business having seen the website we built for another client.

She felt her existing website wasn’t working anywhere near as well as it could do.  Working in sales, Kelly understood the importance of a website, not just as a representation of her business, but as a key marketing asset. 

We started this project just as the coronavirus was affecting the UK.  The wedding business was one of the hardest hit, but Kelly was keen to use this time to invest in building a stronger business – with a shiny new website at its core.

Kelly’s clients are businesses in the wedding industry – not couples.  Understanding the client has been key to getting a website that is successful.

We used teal, navy and white which give the website a very fresh, clean and contemporary feel and set Kelly apart from her competitors.

Kelly has lots of fantastic testimonials from clients who have attended her sales training sessions.  We emphasised these at key points throughout the site as they make a big difference to conversion.

Clear navigation and calls to action guide visitors to the right place.  Beautiful photography (we can’t take credit for that!) really helps too!

If you’d like to check out the website in full you can find it here

And if you would like to see how we can help you create a website that is fit for the business you want


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