Delighted to introduce you to

Jade Tinkler Photography

Bespoke website redesign project

Jade is a local photographer who specialises in taking images of women.  She’s known for her branding photography, headshots, portraits and dance photography in particular.

Jade approached us to build a new website, combining two existing websites she had built herself in Squarespace – one for her brand photography and the other for her “other” photography.

Jade’s images are absolutely stunning and the common thread running through all her work is the way she captures women as they are (well as they are on a good day!)

Because the original websites were both built in Squarespace we were starting completely afresh.  We built the new website on a temporary domain so Jade could see what it looked like “in real life”.  We always design on a website platform, rather than a wireframe, so clients can see what the website will look like on different sized screens. 

The challenge with Jade’s website was to ensure the images “star” whilst also directing visitors on a path to find out what they need to know to take “the next logical step” and book a consultation with Jade.

We showed Jade a few different designs using her words and images and ended up with a hybrid of those designs.  Something that works for her business but that Jade loves too. 

Rather than having an image gallery we used the images throughout the pages to lead visitors through the website, finding out what they need to book.  The images deliberately “pop”.

Testimonials and awards are shown at key places and are designed to reinforce Jade’s authority as the person to go to locally for photos if you are a woman.

The overall result is a feminine website but one that is definitely not “girly”. It is strong and confident which is exactly the impact that Jade’s photography has on her clients.

Most importantly Jade loves her new website.

If you’d like to check out Jade’s website you can find it at jadetinklerphotography.co.uk

And if you would like to see how we can help you create a website that is fit for the business you want