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Fine Styling
Bespoke website redesign project

Fleur McCrone is a personal stylist, tutor at the London College of Style and presenter who runs Fine Styling.

Fleur already had a website and originally approached us just to make a few changes.  To be honest we don’t work on websites built by others (we’ll always help with websites we have built) but we did give Fleur some tips.   In the end Fleur decided this would be a good time for a fresh new look for her website and asked us to do that.

We started work, as always, thinking about Fleur’s clients.  They’re inevitably busy people who need her help.  They’re looking for someone who has helped people “like them”, who they feel comfortable with and who has a sense of style!  They certainly don’t have time to wade through masses of information.

We looked at the “flow” of a potential client.  How they might find Fleur’s website and the information they need to take the “next logical step” in working with Fleur.

As expected from a stylist, Fleur had a fantastic set of images to work with.  These make a massive difference to the look and feel of any website.  In this case it was important that the style of the website didn’t try to compete with these images, but rather complemented them.

Fleur had so many amazing testimonials for us to use. It’s not just about looking good but also about how working with Fleur makes you feel. And these kind of testimonials, used in the right places, make a difference to whether someone chooses to work with you.

During lockdown Fleur added two new products – an ebook on editing your wardrobe and a Colour Queen monthly subscription – which we added to the website. The best thing is all Fleur needs to do is promote them, then clients can pay on the website and have them emailed directly to them without Fleur having to do anything else.

We think the resulting website is just perfect for Fleur. It is “her” and it is designed to work for her target audience. And we just love how thrilled she is with both the end product and the process to get there.

If you’d like to take a look you can find it at www.finestyling.co.uk

“Right from the start I got a great gut feeling about Marie. Everything was very clear and I knew exactly what services and packages she offered.

I also, and perhaps this is the most important thing, got the feeling that she had my back and genuinely wanted to do an excellent job for me.

I am delighted with the finished product. It is so much more me and in keeping with the look and feel of my brand.”

Fleur McCrone

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