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Elisabeth Hancock Coaching

Elisabeth approached us to build a new website as part of a rebranding and change in focus of her business.  Elisabeth is a highly experienced business consultant and coach who wanted to up level her business – with a higher priced offering.  She knew that her existing website did not reflect the new focus and needed to be upgraded.

Elisabeth was perfectly capable of building her new website herself, but she asked us to build it because she wanted different design ideas and a more professional end product.  She wanted a website which would reflect her new higher end business.

Having recently worked with Beyond the Table on my re-branded website I can honestly say the experience was amazing for the price. Not only did they spend considerable time understanding the look and feel I wanted to create, but they also went over and above on creating it and now I am the proud owner of a beautiful website, which also takes into account SEO. They provide great aftercare service too and took the time to create personalized tutorials to show me how to make changes myself and other things. Thanks for the great experience.

Elisabeth works with both men and women from a professional background and was therefore keen that any new website not be too feminine.  We chose a simple colour palette of black, white and a dark gold, which toned with the logo.  Further splashes of colour are provided in the images.

The layout is fresh, modern and uncluttered.  The whole design is flexible so that when Elisabeth’s book and podcast launch they can easily be added. 

Elisabeth is thrilled with the result.  The new website is perfect for her new business. 

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