Delighted to introduce you to

Baby & Child Sleep

Bespoke website redesign project

Baby and Child Sleep is baby and child sleep consultant and experienced paediatric nurse, Rosy Whitwell.

Rosy found us on Instagram and asked us to redo her website. Her existing website had served her well but she was looking for something more professional and which set her apart as the go to expert in her field.

Rosy isn’t just a sleep expert. She brings a wealth of knowledge and experience as a nurse and health visitor. It was really important that this was highlighted as it does distinguish her from others and gives potential clients a lot of comfort. They’re trusting Rosy with their most precious being.

Big blocks of text don’t really work so we broke those down, added more images and pulled out key messages. We used Rosy’s new brand colours to good effect – showing her warm personality.

We’re delighted with the end result and, more importantly, so is Rosy. But what really put a smile on our face was that Rosy told us how warm and approachable she found us. We thoroughly enjoyed working with you Rosy and look forward to continuing to work with you!

You can find Rosy’s new website at babyandchildsleep.com

“Great support and guidance from a female small business owner who knows her stuff but is warm and approachable too. 

I’m so proud of my new website. Worth every penny and I couldn’t recommend her more highly.”

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