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The first time we met Kerri we were immediately drawn to her positivity and enthusiasm.  Launching her new business was a lifestyle change for Kerri – giving up her City job for a more balanced life.  Whilst fully trained as a pilates instructor, setting up a small business was something Kerri hadn’t done before and she came to us for help with her messaging, logo, copy and website.

As a start up micro business I had no idea where to begin – Marie has held my hand through the whole process, answered all my daft questions with patience and has been hugely supportive. I now have a clear idea of my goals and a wonderful website. Thank you Marie – I couldn’t have done it without you!


Apogee Pilates

Kerri’s business is focused on overall wellbeing – she believes everyone can and should be able to move better.  She teaches one to one and small groups from her studio at home.  A large part of the appeal of Kerri’s business is her personality and it was key to get this over – her website is filled with gorgeous images of Kerry/her studio and the copy is designed to communicate how approachable she is.  We took inspiration from the new blinds she had fitted to her studio, her sunny personality and her desire to appeal to both men and women using a vibrant mustard colour to add a bit of a “pop” to her website.

The result has thrilled Kerri and we think it reflects her personality beautifully.  And if you are looking to move better and feel better we can highly recommend Apogee Pilates 

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