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The summer is a time when I get to catch up my reading. During the year I make a list […]
Ever felt overwhelmed in your business? I think most of us have and have dreamt of finding an angel to […]
Time to work on your business in the summer is often “snatches” and working on big projects can be hard. […]
Hannah Robb is an Instagram trainer and very experienced marketer. In this episode we mainly talk about marketing your business […]
Websites have been around for about 30 years now. And they have changed a lot in that time. Many website […]
Jess White is a yoga teacher who recently set up a brand new business networking business, Spark. In this episode […]
There’s a lot of confusion about how Google decides what it is going to rank and where for any search […]
Samantha Goddard is a Professional Dancer, turned Therapist & Coach, specialising in helping women to heal from the root cause […]
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Lucy is a yoga teacher offering yoga and mindfulness classes, workshops and events in the Sevenoaks Area, London and the South-East.  […]
Do you have a contingency plan? A plan that someone else can implement in the event you can’t run your […]
Emma Jefferys AKA Action Woman, a coach, NLP practitioner and emotional intelligence expert who loves to help people get out […]