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As December sneaks up on us it is easy to throw in the towel on 2023. But I want to […]
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Black Friday is creeping up on us. Are you thinking about participating? In this episode I’ll share some ideas for […]
We’re back! We’ve a new name, new artwork and a new intro/outro (although the tech has defeated me so it […]
In this episode I share my experience of trademarking my business name Resources: youTube video Find us at Free […]
In this episode I look at the pros and cons of investing time and effort into SEO. Is it for […]
Want to know how I went from nowhere to ranking at the top of page 1 of Google (against stronger […]
Shona Chambers is a marketing consultant specialising in community marketing and author of the book “100 marketing tips for small […]
SEO is not a dark art. If you break it down into the different parts you can decide whether to […]
Here are the answers to the questions you asked me. Business and personal. Enjoy! Resources: Book a website review at […]
Instagram is my social media platform of choice (it hasn’t always been – I used to be a Facebook fan). […]
The advice guests I have talked with on this podcast want you to know Jade Tinkler (episode 58) links: Website: […]