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Does the thought of building your own website make you feel a bit nervous, or maybe more than a BIT nervous? 

Friends have told you it’s easy and you could build your own in a weekend.  Indeed Harry Rednap built his whilst cooking Sunday lunch if you believe the marketing…

But we all know the reality is a bit different.  Whilst you’re up for having a go (how hard can it be?), and you’d happily save on the cost of a professionally built website, this is not something you are used to doing and your time is not unlimited.

There are so many questions.  Where do you buy your domain name?  What’s hosting and do you need it?  What’s the difference between WordPress, Wix, Squarespace and GoDaddy?  Which is the best for your business?  And that’s before you even start building… 

There is an alternative…

What if you could have a professionally designed and built website installed for you?  A kind of “off the shelf” website.  One you just needed to customise with your own branding, text, images and social media links?

What if you had step by step videos that showed you how to amend each element – each logo, image, colours, text box and social media link?

With no tech knowledge required and no coding needed?

What if you had easy access to a professional that could help you if you got stuck? 

What if this website were so flexible it could be adapted in future as your business grows?

Our “off the shelf” websites do exactly that.  They make it really quick and easy to get online.  With a really professional looking website.  One that will help get you more customers, with less effort

These websites are exactly the same kind of websites that we build bespoke for our clients.  Built in WordPress.  So they are incredibly flexible – they can grow with your business.  And they’re portable so if you don’t like the prices or terms you can move to another host.

And with our set up you don’t have to worry about them being more difficult to set up or maintain than any website builder.  In fact, we believe they’re easier and quicker…

What do you get?

A professionally designed and built wordpress installed on your domain name and hosting.  If you don’t have a domain name and/or hosting don’t worry we will show you how to do this

Full step by step video tutorials to show you how to customise with your logo, branding colours, text, images and links (including social media links)

1 month of one to one support (email and/or zoom calls) to get your website up and running

What does it cost?

The cost of the installed website is £250.  You will also need to buy a domain name and hosting (we use and recommend Siteground).  These are the only costs you will need to incur to get a fully functioning website.

What will the website look like?

There are currently 2 websites available to choose from

Emily is designed for coaching, consulting or other service business – in any industry. It is a contemporary design with a very clear, unfussy layout that works well with good images.  The fonts used complement the layout.  There is a home page, about page, several services pages and a contact page included as standard.  A blog can easily be added.  Any sections not required on any of the pages can be deleted.  All of the text, images, colours used for buttons and text, logo, the menu and links can be customised by you (full instructions given and we’re available to help to the extent needed).

Laura is designed for those who want an online shop website.  It is also fairly contemporary in style with a clear layout designed to show off your products to the best effect.  Buttons have been placed to lead visitors to buy from you.  There is a soft “handwritten” font which complements the main font used.  There is a home page, two about pages (one for you, one for your products), a frequently asked questions page, contact page and of course the online shop.  Any sections not required on any of the pages can be deleted.   All of the text, images, colours used for buttons and text, logo, the menu, products and links can be customised by you (full instructions given and we’re available to help to the extent needed).  Additional products can of course be added (again full instructions given on how to do this).  Please note Laura is currently being upgraded and is not available at the moment.

Frequently asked questions

Who is this kind of website for?

This is for anyone who wants a new website (whether you have an existing website or not).

What else will I need to buy to get a working website?

You will need to buy your own domain name (price varies depending upon your name, but likely to be around £10/year) and website hosting (we use and recommend Siteground which currently costs £35.40 + VAT for the first year).

WordPress is free.  You also get full use of the premium theme used so you do not need to buy this too (worth $250).

What tech is used to build the website?

The websites are built in WordPress using the Divi theme from Elegant Themes.  For websites with a shop function WooCommerce is used too.

How much time will it take?

You have immediate access to all the videos.

It should take no longer than 1/2 hour to purchase the domain, hosting and fill in the required details to get your website installed.

Assuming you have the text for your website pre-written and images available in the correct format, it should take about 3 – 4 hours to customise the website plus about 10 minutes for each product you want to include in your shop.

I am “technologically challenged” – will I be able to customise my own website?

Provided you can follow instructions you can customise your own website (much easier than an Ikea flatpack)!   There is NO coding to amend.  You don’t need any technical knowledge at all.

What if I get stuck?

Send us an email.  If it is simple we’ll answer directly by email.  We may include a video showing you.  If it is more complex we’ll jump on a zoom call and show you what to do on your website.  This is provided for FREE during the first month to allow you to get your website up and running.

What if I want to further customise the website or add additional functionality?

Your website is built in WordPress which is incredibly flexible to be changed as your business changes.  There are thousands of additional “plugins” which can be added to increase the functionality of your website.  You can add the ability to take bookings, online courses, memberships, email sign ups and many more.  These additions are not included but we’re happy to recommend our favourites (for a small additional charge we can set these up for you)

Can I have something more bespoke?

This gives you the website purchased, with instructions to customise for your branding colours, text, images, links etc.  If you want something different you can either buy one of the websites and then change it or we can build you something bespoke.  You can see the details of our bespoke website building packages here.

I need help with writing my website too

If you need help with writing the content for your website we have a separate course available to buy for this which you can purchase here.

What does it cost?

The cost of the website is £250.

Marie has been so good to work with on the creation of my new business website. She is so straightforward and clear about how things work and I fully trusted that she knew what she was talking about. I’m so pleased with the website that she has created for me and I would recommend working with her.

Jo Oogarah, business coach

Marie was fantastically helpful when I came across some technology issues with my website, she was knowledgeable and able to help me with my problems and explain the issues to me in simple none technical terms! The world of websites can be so overwhelming but Marie made it super easy! Thank you so much for your help Marie!!

Julie Michaelsen, Photographer

You have lifted my business to its new heights by making my online presence work for me.  Your sensitive, individual and caring approach is the best any professional can hope for.  You are part of my success: integral and essential part.  I am extremely grateful.

Veronika Geeson, Love to Feel Good

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