Is your website working as hard as it could be for you?

Maybe it was put together a while ago?  Maybe it has been amended over time and no longer hangs together as it should.  Whichever, it is not really working well enough for you or your visitors.

It can be hard:

  • to know how to structure a website so that it guides visitors to take the “next logical step” on their journey with you
  • to understand what images to use (and how many)
  • to just make it all hang together so it becomes an asset for your business – one you are proud to show off

If so, you’ll find our Website Foundations masterclass is perfect for you.  It will also be suitable if you don’t have a website but are thinking about building one yourself or having one built for you.

In this Website Foundations Masterclass

In this pre-recorded class I spill the secrets of good website design, starting with the foundations of your website.  After all, everything else is built on this.

We’ll start by thinking about the kind of clients you want and when they might visit your website (it won’t only be when they’re ready to buy).  I’ll talk you through the key building block of your website – the message you’re trying to communicate.

We’ll look at the impact of different images and how you can create a coherent set of images.

We’ll discuss how to guide visitors through your website so they take the “next logical step” without getting distracted along the way.

The investment for this class is only £39 and you can access the pre-recorded class immediately after purchase.

Marie is a force to be reckoned with when it comes to websites and website development. Her knowledge is vast and yet she is always eager to learn more. She is motivated, supportive, innovative, polished and professional – a great example of an entrepreneur herself.

Caroline Kings, Copywriter

You have lifted my business to its new heights by making my online presence work for me.  Your sensitive, individual and caring approach is the best any professional can hope for.  You are part of my success: integral and essential part.  I am extremely grateful.

Veronika Geeson, Love to Feel Good

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