The Marketing Membership

The Marketing Membership is the membership for busy entrepreneurs and small business owners that want a simple and effective strategy for marketing their business and help sticking to it.

If you’re an entrepreneur or small business owner you know you need to market your business to ensure a steady stream of clients, right?

But I’m guessing you didn’t start your business to spend hours every day marketing?

The Marketing Membership is a place where you can learn the best way to market your own business, in a way that you enjoy and which fits the time you have available.  A way that gives a steady stream of clients. 

It’s a supportive community full of other small business owners who also have better things to do than spend hours creating Instagram reels (which the “algorithm” shows to 3 people).

You really don’t need to be spending hours every day marketing your business.  You just need to be doing the “right” things.  

I’m Marie, a website designer based in Kent.  I’ve been running my own business for almost 5 years and I have followed so many “experts” with systems that may work for them (because they have the time and inclination to create lip syncing reels).  But they didn’t work for me.  I used my business degree, experience and what the experts teach to develop my own system.

It’s not rocket science.  It’s actually very simple.  It’s based on connecting with a target audience of potential clients (you don’t need thousands of followers – just enough of the “right” people) and sharing content that shows you can help them.

This system works.  It has led to my website design business being fully booked, usually at least a month or two out.

Rather than posting sporadically on social media, because you get busy and/or disillusioned, in the Marketing Membership we’ll help you develop a plan you can stick to (because it is simple and easy and based on what you like doing) which builds your brand in an authentic way and leads to a flow of sales.  We can’t change the social media algorithms, but we can help you reach your target audience, connect with them by building trust and sharing your expertise, so they want to buy what you have to offer.

It’s a simple and effective system, with support to keep you on track.

This is for you if:

you’re struggling to post consistently on social media

you’re fed up with the “algorithm” not showing your posts to anyone

you want a consistent flow of leads into your business

the idea of lip-syncing reels makes you want to curl up and hide (actually it is also for you if you love creating lip-syncing reels)
you don’t want to spend all your time marketing your business
you’re feeling overwhelmed and left behind

What some of our founding members say

I’m sorry but the Marketing Membership is not currently open for new members.  Please email us on sayhello@beyondthekitchentable.co.uk to be notified when it reopens.