It’s not all “me, me, me” – writing your About page

It’s not all “me, me, me” – writing your About page

3 Dec 19

Your About Page is a hugely important page on your website.   Website visitors usually want to know more about you before they buy from you.  They’re interested in YOU and they are looking to see if they think YOU can help them.  We’re all a bit nosey!!

I mean I bet you have checked ours out?


Your About Page is all about the know, like and trust factor 

Your About Page is also a fantastic opportunity for you.  It’s an opportunity to get website visitors to know, like and trust you more.   They say people buy from people.  Actually, people buy from people they think understand them.

Take someone wanting to lose weight.  They want to read the inspirational story of the person who struggled with losing weight, was successful, set up a business to help others and can hopefully help them too.  Reading the honest story of their struggle.  Where they were before they embarked on the journey.  The ups and downs of that journey (including the days they fell off the wagon and ate a packet of biscuits washed down with a tub of Ben and Jerry’s).  And how life is now they are on the other side.  They identify with it and warm to the author.

Or the person setting up a business around family responsibilities.  We know it is hard and you question (frequently!) whether it is the right thing to do.  Whatever you are helping them with, they will identify with you if you talk about the ups and downs of running a successful business with children (or other caring responsibilities).  How it hasn’t all been plain sailing…

The About Page is also the page most people struggle with.  And, to be honest, the page most people get WRONG (and the services page – but that’s another post!!)

So what SHOULD you do?

1.  Write for your “ideal client”

The most important thing is to write it in a way your “ideal client” (ie the one you want to work with the most and can really help) identifies with.  Your ideal client won’t be interested in your whole life story – just the bits they can identify with.  So make it relevant for them.  If you are the weight loss coach they’re not really going to be interested in when and where you were born, how many siblings you had or the first job you had on leaving school (unless it was in a biscuit factory!).  Choose what you are going to write about based upon what is RELEVANT to them.

And write it like you are talking to them.  Use your “ideal client voice”.  I don’t mean the posh one you use on the phone (I swear I don’t do this but my children insist I do!).  I mean the one you would use if your ideal client was sat in front of you.  It can help to talk out the copy as you write (or at least read it out loud once you have finished).


2.  Use Stories

Use stories to demonstrate the point you are making.  Stories are INTERESTING.  You can use humour.  Show vulnerability (people don’t want perfection – they want to see you understand their struggles).  Show you are a human being.  Just like they are.  Your story will be different to theirs but there will be similarities that they can relate to.

But don’t make it too long.  Write a first draft and go back (read it out loud) and see if you can cut it down.


3.  Show Your Authority

Finally show your authority.

How do you do this?

Talk about any qualifications or experience that are RELEVANT.  If you have done something for 20 years that is not relevant then you don’t need to include it.  Gaps in your life are absolutely fine on your  About Page – this is not your CV.  You don’t need to explain any parts of your life that are not relevant.  But if you have relevant qualifications or experience then absolutely include them!

Likewise with any awards or press you have been in.  We know that these say more about your PR strategy than about how good you really are.  But clients like them.  It reinforces their belief that you are GOOD at what you do (which you are!).  These must be relevant though – your audience is not interested in any golf days you have won unless you are providing golf products or services….

Testimonials are another way to show your authority.  This is other people saying what a great job you do.  Again it is reinforcing their belief in you.


And if you need any more help, let us know.  We have a fantastic online course which goes through every page of your website, explaining what you need to write and where.

You can find it here

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