Getting Started

We’re looking forward to getting started on your new website and are so pleased that you chose us to help you.

Building your website is a collaborative process.


You bring the knowledge of your business and your clients


We bring the knowledge of how to build a website that looks great and that works hard to get clients

together we’re the dream team…

We have built lots of websites (we know you probably haven’t) and have learnt a couple of things.

When we started out we tried the “send us your content” approach and realised this doesn’t work.  Because most clients don’t know what they need to send to make a great website.

So we refined our processes and will take you step by step through what we will need from you.

Designing a website, no matter how big or small, is an extensive process that can be overwhelming. To better help you understand what to expect during the design and development, we’ve outlined our 4-step process:

1. Preparation

This stage is where we collect most of the information we’re going to need

It includes understanding your business and your clients, your design style preferences and getting the initial content from you (images and text)

During this stage we’ll also set up either a Coming Soon page (if your site is brand new) or a temporary domain to host the website whilst we’re building it.  We’ll also copy over anything from your existing website we might want to use

2. Design

This is where the fun starts!

We’ll start work with the homepage

We’ll use the Homepage from the template, change the fonts and colours to your brand, and add your words and images.

As we do this, we’ll need to adapt the template to fit your copy (because usually it can’t just be slotted in)

We’ll then get your feedback.  We can make small tweaks to the template

3. Build

Once the design has been signed off we’ll get to work on the other pages

We’ll build out the other pages using the same design elements as for the homepage

We’ll also add any additional functionality that is needed to the website

We understand that sometimes you want to tweak your content once you’ve seen it on the page and so we allow for edits too

Once it has been built we’ll test it looks perfect on mobile and test links and any forms too

4. Launch

Once you’re happy with the website we go live!

We’ll then tidy things up in the backend of your website and set you up as a user

Finally we will take you through the website to show you how to make edits to text, images and anything else you want to do (don’t worry it is very easy to follow)

What happens next?

We’ll send you another email with instructions as to exactly what we need from you to begin with and when, as well as how we want it.

Broadly speaking we will need:


We’ll be sending you a questionnaire to complete.  This is to ensure we understand your business, your clients (or the clients you want to have) and your style.


We’ll need jpg files of all the images you want to include on your website. 

We can recommend branding photographers (see below) and source stock images (for an additional charge) if needed.


And of course we’ll need the words you want on your website.

If you need help with this we have copywriters we can recommend (see below).  They can either write from scratch or edit what you have written.


We’ll need your logo in png format (preferably with a transparent background so we can add it over any colour background).

If you don’t have a logo we have graphic designer recommendations who may be able to help you (see below).

Domain Information

We’ll need a login & password for where you bought your domain.  This is so we can add the records for our hosting.

If you haven’t bought your domain please do so.  You can use any well known registrar (there is no difference).



If you have an existing wordpress website please provide us with an Administrator login so we can copy necessary information over.

We may need other logins, eg for email marketing systems (if you want to integrate an email sign up in your website) or payment systems (if you want to sell anything)

We will need to know which template you want to use.  You do not need to buy the template (we will do that).  You can find the templates at Design Space.  Please choose one that works with Divi (you can filter on this basis – most of the templates are Divi ones)

Our Black Book

We know you may need additional help with some of these items and we have some friends who can help.

Of course you can choose to use whoever you would like, these are people we have worked with before (either ourselves or on client websites)

Branding Photographers

Kent/Surrey/Sussex/South East London:

Jade at Jade Tinkler Photography

Jane Mucklow at Picture Your Brand

Nadia at Nadia Lavelle Photography

Russ at Harper Photography

Mollie at Mollie Manning Creative (Mollie also does brand videography – she took the video on my homepage)

North East:

Mary at Mary Barella Photography

Copy Writers

Home Interiors:

Rachael at Home Interiors Writer


Caroline at Caroline Kings