Get found through search

workshop 29 April 2020, Sevenoaks

Would you like your business to be found on Google and other search engines?

You know your “dream clients” that you want to work with use Google and other search engines to find businesses like yours.  But the whole world of “SEO” (that’s Search Engine Optimisation otherwise known as getting found on Google) is confusing and you are just not sure where you should start 

We can help…

We are holding a “get found through search” workshop on Wednesday 29 April 2020 in Sevenoaks.

This workshop is designed to help you get clear on the key words and phrases you should be targeting – the ones that your ideal clients are searching for and where you have a chance of ranking on page 1 – AND to come up with an action plan to get you found.

It is aimed at individuals with no or limited experience of SEO.  There will be no “techie” language


Why this workshop?

This is a workshop.  We’ll be “doing” together using my knowledge of SEO and business and your knowledge of your audience/business

Together we will come up with a list of keywords/phrases that are appropriate for your business.  Ones your dream clients will use and ones where you have a chance of ranking.

Together we’ll also come up with a plan to get your business found using these keywords through search.  That will include what you need to do on your website and what you need to do off your website.  Whilst there are hundreds of factors which affect your chance of being found through search we will concentrate on the ones which are easiest and have the most impact.

It will be a small group of people so no-one will be left behind.

8 in stock

The cost of the workshop is £97

The workshop will be held in a private room at Bat and Ball station in Sevenoaks.  There’s parking on site (free parking is available a short walk away) or of course you can come by train.

Lunch is included in the price (any pre-notified dietary requirements can be catered for – our last event had a most amazing dairy and gluten free lunch).

The day will start at 9.30am and finish at 2.30pm 

In the event the Coronavirus (or other issue) causes the cancellation of the event the workshop will either be rescheduled or moved online.  You will, of course, have the option of a refund in this case.

In the event you are unable to make the workshop due to illness (whether Coronavirus or otherwise) we will exchange your ticket for one of our “SEO power hours”


8 in stock

What a fab, action packed workshop today. A true brain storming session which was just spot on for those not sure on where to start with running online courses. Full of great advice with plenty of time to throw all the questions out there. Brilliant attention to detail and lots of points to action. Pretty much perfect! Oh and a scrumptious lunch too!

Rachel Hawkes, online course workshop attendee