Why Blogging is Good for Your Business in 2022

21 Feb 2022

If you go back 5 years blogs were widely used on websites. They were used to attract new readers and engage visitors. People used to blog about all sorts of things – both business and personal stuff.

In this age of social media, so many people think that blogging is dead but I disagree. Blogging and social media work really well together. In fact, I am putting blogging at the heart of my marketing strategy in 2022. And I strongly recommend you do the same.

But I write blog posts slightly differently to the ones I used to back in 2017. I write about things which are useful to my target audience. Because you should focus your website on your target audience, not you. So no more blogs bragging about that golf tournament you won (take note legal and accounting firms in particular).

So why is blogging so good for marketing?

Well, since you asked I recorded a podcast episode on this…


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