Welcome to the Website Coach

22 Sep 2021

The Website Coach with Marie Brown is for entrepreneurs and small business owners that want a winning website. One that attracts more visitors and helps them book more clients.

Because that is what your website should be doing for you. It shouldn’t just look pretty. It should be working hard for your business – 24/7. So that you can work less on your business and spend more time working with clients, or doing something else. That’s why you started a business wasn’t it? To do the work you want to do, when you wanted to do it, helping clients and making money. Not to hustle or post endlessly on social media….

As well as talking about websites I’ll show you how I run my business – the mistakes I’ve made, the tools I use and what has worked for me.

You won’t find any tech speak here. Everything is explained in simple terms.

Each episode will have points for you to take away and action. Nothing too difficult or technical, but simple actions that can make a real difference to your website’s ability to attract or convert clients.

You can visit my website https://beyondthekitchentable.co.uk and follow me on Instagram https://www.instagram.com/beyondthekt

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