How to prepare for your brand photoshoot

25 Oct 2021

Branding photos are one of the best investments you can make in your business. They tell the story of you and your business – as you want clients or potential clients to see you. 

This is you.  In action.  Images of you “at work”. As well as images of you at work, it might include you “off duty” and also be props associated with your business.

[00:24] Introduction

[01:24] What are branding photos

[05:14] Who the photos are for

[06:04] How you want to be seen

[07:32] What to wear

[10:36] Props

[13:28] Location and poses

[15:17] How images are used

[16:39] Choosing a photographer

[17:44] On the day

[18:57] Recap

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