Ep 79: Social Media Ideas for Spring

27 Mar 2023


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Hello, welcome to episode number 79 of the website, coach podcast. There is signs of spring everywhere. We look now that widows are poking their heads through admittedly they're then getting buffeted by wind and rain, but the clocks have gone forward and there are efficiently more hours of daylight. And then if dark, I know, I know some of those daylight hours are rather gray, but Hey, let's take the wins. I love this time of year. I love doing the school run in the daylight. I love seeing life in the garden. I always feel full of optimism. At least spring days when it's not pouring with rain. Anything's possible when the sun shines don't you think? Well, last year I did it. A podcast episode on social media ideas for summer. It was episode number 45. If you want to go back and take a listen. And get ahead for 2023. The ideas will be just as valid for this year. And that episode was very popular. So I thought you might like refresh with some ideas for spring. And hence with a barrel DeLong introduction. That is exactly what this podcast episode this week is about. Now, some of these ideas are specific to this time of year. But many can be used at any time of the year. And best of all, many can be used more than once. So don't feel restricted. Especially if you're listening to this outside of the spring months. And the key was making social media to work. Is to remember. Then you are trying to use it to build trust relationships. And convert followers to clients. And these ideas are designed to just that. And if you need more help with social media ideas, I run a regular content planning workshop in my membership. The marketing membership. And that's designed to help you generate content ideas for your business. And in fact, one of the things we often do is we talk about specific businesses of people who are actually there at the workshop. That memberships not currently open to new members, but it will be made to late April. So please do drop me a DM if you want to be notified when it reopens. Okay. Enough preamble. Let's talk specific ideas. Because I'm all about taking action. So the first one. Is what difference does spring make to your business? This is a great one for short video or real, as it's known on Instagram. You could record some signs of spring. Like those daffodils that brighten up my day. And then move on to scientist spring in your business. It's a fun and lighthearted way to give people an insight into what you do. So, what do I mean by that? Well, let's share some examples. So if you're say a nutritionist or run any food related business. You could show the foods now in season. The lighter meals you're now providing and how that can benefit clients. If you're a yoga teacher, you could show yourself practicing yoga outside. That's not something that you do during the depths of winter. Well, I don't know. Maybe you would. Um, If you're a personal stylist, you can do a great reel showing the transformation from jumpers in many layers into the lightest spring wardrobe. If you're an interior designer, you could show how you might rearrange a room to make the most of a change in season. So think what difference to spring make to your business. And actually you don't have to doesn't have to be great leaps. It can just be small differences that you can show. Okay. So the second idea is what I call it's no joke. So April has April fool's day, but this is one idea. I think you can stretch beyond the 1st of April. Again, it could be a video or real, but this idea lends itself to a carousel or text post to. If you're not a video fan. So think about what is the impact on your Calgary audience? As I'm not doing something. We're doing something wrong and what they should do instead. Because the idea here is to show what they are avoiding by using a professional like yourself. So if you're an accountant, for example, you might talk about the fines people get for not filing that accounts or tax returns on time. That's certainly not a joke. If you are a personal stylist, you might talk about the amount of money. Spent on coasts, which don't get worn, but language in the back of the wardrobe. If you're a menopause or health coach. You might talk about the number of women who suffer a particular symptom, for example, hot flushes. And what they can do about it. 'cause that's certainly, it's no joke. So think about what you could say under the heading it's no joke. Okay. Third idea is to think about one product or service you really want to promote. And as business owners, we all have a main product or service that we want to sell more off. You might say, I want to sell more of everything, but here we're talking about what your. Main product or service is your signature product or service. If you like. And ultimately social media is a business tool. And the end aim of what we are doing is to sell more. We're not just doing it for the likes and engagement. I know it can sometimes feel like that we're doing it to sell more. So write a social media post about what it is that you're looking to sell more of. This could be a video or real. Carousel or text-based post. That's up to you. But importantly, you need to emphasize why people should buy it. What transformation are they getting? What's the benefit to them. And of course, what do they need to do next? Should they send you a DM visit a sales page or do something else? And while this type of post is lice, less likely to get likes, shares, or engagement. It's important that people. Who follow you understand what you do? Even if they don't buy, then. And these kind of posts are unlikely to result in a rush of sales. It keeps you top of mind. So when they need someone who does what you do, they will think of you. And I know this certainly works for me. Number four. Share a quote that will resonate with your audience. I love sharing quotes with people who follow me online. And if you don't already follow me on Instagram, then please do come across I'm at, beyond the KT. And I do share quotes in there from time to time. Not every credit is going to land with your audience. And the key is to think about who your audience is and what will work. So I do share quotes, which are to do with, um, being inspiring about being an entrepreneur. But I also share quotes, which are about the reality of running a business around a family and things like passive laundry. And. Uh, the amount of coffee we might need or alcohol that we might need. But don't share quotes about being a parent. If your target audience is younger and unlikely to be parents. Just because you are one doesn't mean it will resonate with everyone. You have to know your audience and you have to choose your quote with them in mind. So, as I said, I like to share quotes. Motivational inspirational and or amusing. They are the ones that resonate with my target audience. And they're really easy to put together. They can get great engagement too. So the fifth one is to ask spring question. So topical posts always go down well and a particularly good for creating engagement. Also, we want to do business with people and people, we like. And these kinds of questions, show your human side. Now you can relate these to your business, or you can just ask. Kind of questions. You might ask anyone in your target audience. For example, you could ask, what's the first sign of spring for you. He could ask about favorite Easter egg. Childhood memories of Easter. We've got the coronation of king Charles coming up in the UK. So you can ask questions around that. These kinds of questions or some of the quickest posts to create the perfect. If you have kids at home over the holidays. I do number six. What's new. So spring is a time of rebirth. Share what's near for you and your business. Do you have any service or product? Or have you made any other changes in your business? We're all making changes to our business very frequently. It's rare that our businesses stand still. And it might be a while since you've shared anything like that with your clients, they might be remembering what you used to do, or the kinds of products and services that you used to have. So share these changes. But again, think about it from the point of view. If your clients. What difference that might make to your clients? So it might be a new feature that you've added that gives an additional benefit. For example. Again, you can do this by a video. Uh, carousel posts or text or text with an image that's up to you. Okay. Say the final social media post idea. It's to talk about your favorite business tools. We all like to be in on a secret. We all want to know things that can help us. And we want to know what the pros of any industry use. Now you might not be willing to spill all of your secrets. But sharing some of the tools that you use in your business is something that your target audience will find interesting. And these can be physical tools or they can be software tools. So, if you are say a personal stylist, it might be your color swatches. And the shops or clothing brands who particularly like. My audience is small business owners. And sharing the business tools I use is something that they value. It's partly curiosity. And partly things that they can try that will improve their business. I might make it more productive. They might help him bring in clients, whatever it might be. And in fact, I did a podcast episode about some of the business tools I used that was back at episode 18, if you're interested. And actually it has sparked me to think that I probably should do another episode like that because. I don't think I covered all of the business tools in that very first one. And the tools you use in your business can spawn multiple social media posts. You can post about each tool. You can talk about why you use it and how you use it. And you can also do a list. So there's lots of different ideas to make that into social media post. So. I have listed seven social media content ideas. For you to try this spring. All of these can be done more than once. Some of them can be done several times. Which means you could just use these ideas and that's your spring, social media content sorted. And I will quickly run through them again. So if you forgot. So the very first one. Is a post about what different spring makes to your business? The second one is it's no joke. So if something in your business that you find actually quite shocking statistic, maybe, and you can talk about the fact that. It is no joke and that you can help them. Um, to overcome that. Uh, the third one is to think about a product or service that you really want to promote and promote it. The fourth is to share a quote that will resonate with your audience. And the fifth is to ask a spring question. And the sixth is to talk about something that's new in your business. Um, and although I said, it's something that's new in your business. It could also be something that's new in your industry. Um, and the seventh is favorite business tools. So. I hope you found that helpful. I do recommend. Batch creating some of these. Um, so that you've got some in your back pocket, um, or your scheduler for the times when you need to pay something to stay visible, but there's just too much else going on to think about it. So. That's it for this week. I hope you have a great week and I will be in your ears again next week.