Ep 38: Shifting your business online – Interview with Caroline Kerslake, CompleteFit

6 Jun 2022

In this interview I talk to women’s wellbeing coach Caroline Kerslake.

Caroline works with women entering midlife and beyond on their health and fitness goals through personal training, massage and self-care, pelvic floor and core programmes and online monthly membership for exercise and movement designed for our peri to post menopause years.

In this podcast episode we talk about how she shifted her business online when the pandemic hit. How she just got on and did it, working it out along the way.

We also talk about the benefits and ways to get movement into your day.

A brilliant conversation packed full of tips for any entrepreneur or small business owner.

Caroline’s links

Website: www.completefit.co.uk

Instagram: instagram.com/caroline_at_cfit/

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/carolineatcfit


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