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We help small businesses get more sales with less effort.  That’s what a good website should do – and we build good websites. We can also help with logos, branding, photography and copywriting – all essential components of a good website.

Building a small business is hard work.  You have to wear many hats – some of which may be new and/or uncomfortable.  Big businesses have departments of professionals dedicated to marketing, to social media, to tech, etc.  In your business there may just be you.  Not only do you have to wear many hats, you only have one head.  So time spent writing that About Us page (this one has taken us several drafts so we know it’s not easy!) is time that could have been spent doing something else.

Small businesses are the backbone of our community.  We believe you should be able to tap into the help you need to grow your business online, without a big business budget.  Then you can concentrate on the bits of the business you love and are good at.


Beyond the Kitchen Table was formed after I received what I thought was an outrageous quote to rebuild the website for my business venture.  So I set out to build my own.  It took 6 months. I was very proud of my effort and realised that small businesses don’t need expensive bespoke websites – they need something affordable that is effective and appropriate for their business.  I took training courses, built websites for family and friends (getting quicker and better – that first website is now cringeworthy) and started helping other small businesses.

I found others who could help small businesses so it’s not just me (Marie) – we have Jane, Lisa, Louise, Lucy and Russ.  We all work from home or coffee shops and use various coffee shops in Sevenoaks for meetings.  We work around our children (13 between us ranging from under a year to a 17 year old!), so often odd hours.  But we are united in our passion to help small businesses thrive.

We’re not into jargon or wearing suits.  We are into coffee and biscuit assisted brainstorming sessions.  We think building a business should be fun and exciting.  We’re excited about our business and helping you with yours!



Founder, website designer and customer contact

Marie is the head honcho which means that she has to get the coffees in…

When not out meeting and greeting customers (her speciality – she loves finding out about other people’s business), she can be found stuck behind her screen working out ways of making you an awesome website!




Russ is the cool dude of the team.  We’re not fans of having our photos taken but Russ is always so friendly and fun and makes us feel at ease whilst he snaps away.

When not taking photos for us, he enjoys music gigs and is the “official photographer” of the Sevenoaks Panto each year…



Graphic Designer

Lucy is the talented, creative one.  Capable of turning the scrappiest of scribbles into something pretty.

She graduated with a degree in Graphic Design and Illustration and has been a graphic designer for many years, working in both music and retail (including designing for Disney) before Beyond the Kitchen Table.

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