So you’re wanting your first website?

Starting a new business is exciting!

But also a bit scary.  I mean there is so much to do and think about – much of which you haven’t done before…

And although I design and build websites, I would say you don’t need a website (or a logo) to get started.  One of the best things you can do is wait.  Go and find some clients (ask friends if they know of anyone looking for whatever you’re doing), test out your idea, get some revenue.

Perhaps not what you would expect someone who relies upon people buying websites to say.  But I guess I’m not your usual website designer!

As well as advising against my own interests (short term at least – hopefully you’ll remember me!), I don’t talk jargon.  Nope, I believe in using language my clients understand.  Jargon is just not necessary (nor is it big or clever…)

Right from the start I got a great gut feeling about Marie. Everything was very clear. I also, and perhaps this is the most important thing, got the feeling that she had my back and genuinely wanted to do an excellent job for me. I trusted that she would be able to create the website I wanted.

The process from start to finish was very smooth. Marie seemed to understand exactly what I wanted very quickly.

I am delighted with the finished product. It is so much more me and in keeping with the look and feel of my brand. I have had many many compliments on the new site too.

Fleur McCrone, Fine Styling

When you are ready for your first website where should you start?

Your friends have suggested you can do it yourself.  The ads make it seem very easy.  Or maybe your neighbour’s son’s friend home from Uni can help you out?  They’re cheap…

Your website is your shop window.  It is selling your services when you’re not there.  You need it to 

Would you like a gorgeous website that will bring in customers whilst you sleep? One you are proud to show off? One that gives the “right” impression of your business to the kind of customers you want (and other nosey parkers too)? One that shows some personality? One that gives you more customers with less effort?

We can help.

We create stunning websites, marrying good design with the right functionality. A website is the “shop window” of your business and the website design needs to reflect the personality of your brand. A good website shows your business in the best light and is easy to navigate, making customers more likely to do business with you.

Each website is designed from scratch.  I start by getting to understand your business – what you do, who you do it for and what you want people to do when they visit your website.  Building websites that work to get more customers is not just about technical skills anymore (anyone can build a website).  It is about understanding the sales journey your “ideal customers” take .

A few of the websites I have built for start up businesses

As a start up micro business I had no idea where to begin – Marie has held my hand through the whole process, answered all my daft questions with patience and has been hugely supportive.

I now have a clear idea of my goals and a wonderful website. Thank you Marie – I couldn’t have done it without you!

Kerri, Apogee Pilates Sevenoaks

Apogee pilates website design Sevenoaks Kent

What is the Investment?

I don’t believe in subjecting you to the full sales pitch in order to understand what we would charge you for a website.  Your time (and mine) is valuable…

Standard Package

  • Custom designed website built using wordpress (added to your domain)
  • Mobile responsive design
  • Up to 5 pages (content to be provided by you)
  • Blog page and template
  • ICO compliant cookies pop up and policy
  • “Standard” functionality
  • Basic SEO
  • Full instructions on how to edit your own website
  • Website hosting, SSL certificate, backups/restore and tech updates


  • Website content guide

Additional pages and functionality can be added for an additional charge

Investment of £1,100 plus £25/month website maintenance

Off the shelf website template

  • Professionally designed website built using wordpress
  • Mobile responsive design
  • “Standard” functionality
  • Full instructions on how to customise the template with your branding colours, images and text

Investment of £250 plus website domain and hosting

Are you ready for this?


A website that stands out amongst your competitors (in a good way!) and shows potential clients why they should choose you


A website that helps attract the kind of clients you want to work with, paying the kind of prices you’re worth


A website that attracts and books clients while you sleep

“Marie has been so good to work with on the creation of my new business website. She is so straightforward and clear about how things work and I fully trusted that she knew what she was talking about.

I’m so pleased with the website that she has created for me and I would recommend working with her.”

Jo Oogarah, Career Development Coach


Which kind of businesses do you build websites for?

We build websites for all kinds of service based businesses.  We have built websites for accountants, baby & child sleep consultants, bloggers, business coaches, career coaches, chauffeurs, copywriters, dieticians, dog walkers, garden designers, holiday lets, hypnotherapists, interior designers, makeup artists, nutritionists, performance coaches, personal stylists, personal trainers, photographers, physios, pilates instructors, PR professionals, sales coaches, social media consultants, swim schools, training providers and wellness coaches…

See our portfolio for examples of websites we have built

We no longer build “e-commerce” websites, ie those whose primary purpose is to sell physical goods, but we can add a shop function onto a website for a service based business.

What do I need to provide?

We will send you a detailed questionnaire to complete.  This is to ensure we get a website that will work for your target audience and that is stylistically “you” (that you love too).

We will need your visual branding (colours, font, logo), images you want to use, copy and other websites you like/don’t like as inspiration.

I don't have branding, can you do this for me?
We work closely with a number of branding designers and can provide their details.
What if I don't like the website you have built?

The purpose of the detailed questionnaire is to understand you and your target audience.

We will initially provide two draft designs for your feedback.  If you don’t like them just tell us what you do and don’t like about them and what else you want to see.  We’ll then revise the design.

Once you’re happy with the design (we allow up to 3 revisions) we’ll build the rest of the website.

The website is a collaborative effort.  We pride ourselves on getting a website that you love and that works for your target market.

Whilst we don’t always got it right the first time, we usually get close.  On the rare occasion we have misunderstood (we are human!), we have jumped on a zoom to discuss and we have always got a design the client likes on the next draft.

I'm not sure what to write. Are you able to write the copy for me?

The best person to write the content for a website is YOU!  You know your business better than anyone else and the impression you want to convey.  But we have experienced copywriters who can edit and polish the content for you, if needed, for an additional fee (or they can write it for you if you really don’t want to do it at all).

 In any event we will guide you on the kind and amount of copy you need.

What is the process and how long will it take?
We aim to provide a couple of versions of two pages of your website within 10 – 15 working days of you providing all the associated content.  Once we have agreed those two pages we will build out the other pages.  How long it takes overall depends upon how many edits you want and how long it takes to get copy/changes to us.  It can be completed in 3 – 5 weeks but typically it takes 6 – 8 weeks.
Will you get my website onto page 1 of Google?

Getting onto page 1 of Google is about more than just the design of your website.  The competitiveness of any keywords, content and backlinks also play a big part.

We will, however, ensure your website is correctly set up so that it can be found by Google.

Can you provide website hosting?

Yes, we offer a “maintenance package” for websites that we build which costs £25/month.  This includes hosting, weekly backups and technical updates.  This package is only available for websites we have built.

What do your websites cost?

See our packages above.  Most of the websites we build cost around £1,500.

Additional functionality (memberships, online courses, shop etc) is the main reason why it may cost more (the number of pages is the other).

On our initial call we will tell you the cost (based upon the scope we discuss).  This will be stated in the contract.  If you request changes during the build which would increase the cost we will let you know (and obviously you have the option to stay with the previously agreed scope and cost).  The final price will not be a surprise!

Feel free to contact us for a precise quote based upon the scope you are looking for (please tell us the number of pages and the precise functionality you require).

How can I book?

Please book a call at a time that is convenient for you (and us) to discuss your requirements.  Following the call we will send you a contract and invoice for the initial deposit.

I have a question that hasn't been answered here

Feel free to drop us an email or book an initial call

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